25.05.1996, 18.30
26.05.1996, 15.00
Martı Sanat Evi


  • Written by: Bertolt Brecht
  • Directed by: Mahir Günşiray

Bertolt Brecht wrote “A Man İs a Man” in 1925, amidst the industrial environment in Germany. Later, he has revised it for many times. “A Man is a Man” can be considered as a transition to hose plays by Brecht, which are known as the proper examples of epic theatre. This special quality of the play makes it open to surprises and to experimental approaches as far as staging and acting. Theatre Ti has attempted to conceive Brecht in his actual social context; yet, being a group pf artists of today, they have interpreted Brecht from their own point of view and achieved a kind of theatrical performance in which the spectator is not forced to any specific response but is gicen the opportunity either to watch or just to pass by what is there as if in an exhibition.