22.05.1996, 18.30
Kenter Theatre


  • Written by: Aziz Nesin
  • Adapted, staged, performed by: Genco Erkal

No, Aziz Nesin will never see “Bir Takım Azizlikler”. Yet we, as the audience will wittness the encounter between a master of literature and a master of theatre on the stage. While we are looking for answer to the question “Where are we going?”, we will perhaps find “Zamazingo” or “We are in need of something” and will start questioning that which looks most ordinary... Our laughter will turn into question marks while while we indulge in self criticisim. We will condemn “Twilights” and the familiar “Karagöz” will make us see ourselves and our surroundings in a brand new light... Aziz Nesin was a lover of his people, his land and the world and his biggest weapon was his pen, his sense of humor, his observations on the very heart of life and the kind of communication he could achieve with his reader.