21.05.1996, 21.30, Rumelihisarı Rumeli Fortress


Levent Öget created an installation with metal construction based on the Trojan Story two years ago. This installation bearing an ‘image’ from the Trojan War applied upon a cloth surface in the form of a photograph turns into a screen lit by torches in the fortress at sunset. The flaming dreams intermingling with the dancing shadow of Sabine Jamet, the image of the screen, two women crying for their loves that may never return; a music that seems to be rising from the spirit of a space that must have seen plenty of such images, a shadow that breaks, darkens and brgihtens the deep sadness born by the crimson of sunset, wandering through the faces of the crying women. This impressive performance by Öget establishes a fine balance between installation and perfromance and fuses them without too heavily upon neither of the two ‘positions’.