18.05.1997, 21.30
19.05.1997, 18.30
Kenter Theatre


  • Adapted to stage from Alexandre Dumas’ work: Raymund FitzSimons
  • Directed by: Tunç Yalman

Cihan Ünal plays Kean in this play on the famous English actor Edmund Kean (1787-1833). Before he died, 46 years old, Kean experienced misery, fame, alcoholism, forbidden loves, a passion for theatre, an exceptional gift and an incredible fall. This unusual personality became the subject of numerous works throughout history. Alexandre Dumas was the first to write his biography; Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a play titled “Kean” based on Dumas’ book in 1953; Pierre Brasseur of Sarah Bernhard Theatre, and later renowned actors such as the French Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ben Kingsley played Kean with great success. In this work by FitzSimons, there are also parts from Shakespearean plays interpreted by Kean.