31.05.1996, 21.30
01.06.1996, 21.30
Taksim Stage


  • Written by: Terry Johnson
  • Directed by: Işıl Kasapoğlu

“In January 1938 Sigmund Freud, suffering from terminal cancer of the jaw, arrived in London having escaped Nazi persecution. In March he saw Ben Travers’ farce ‘Rookery Nook”. In July Salvador Dali came to tea and in November Freud published a book throwing doubts on his provious conclusions about the cause of psychoneurosis. All these circumstances, taken from diary entries of the great man himself, contribute to Terry Johnson’s remarkable play (...) ‘Hysteria’ is loosely based on a (factual) meeting of Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali -which, according to Dali, led to the death of the Surrealist movement (...) Johnson is the most generous of playwrights: as well as Fantasy he gives us Comedy, Farce, Anarchy, Nudity, Tragedy, Pathos, Basphemy and Slapstick (...) leaves not one inch of our hearts and mind neglected (...) It is a feast, a treat, a loving gift (...)”

(Aline Waites, Plays & Players, February 1996)