22.05.1996, 21.30
23.05.1996, 18.30
Aziz Nesin Stage


  • Written and directed by: Kerem Kurdoğlu

Using the allegory ’the man who lost his map’ the play aims to examine the psychology of the individual in the post-modern age we are currently living in. The individual’s new state of ‘having no more utopias and no more history’ is exposed in a pessimistic but very joyful manner and the audience is provoked to start a mental process for finding some way out. This new state of the humankind is ‘reproduced’ within the unique realityof the universe of theatre, using techniques which we are not accustomed to.. The show is constructed of physical actions with a sometimes contradictory, sometimes harmonious relation to a sound- track which has been produced by composing the whole text as a single piece of “music”. The actors, with their bodies, accompany a ‘playback’ which we hear at a loud volume. In this day and age, don’t we all talk with ‘ready-made’ words purchased from the market anyway?