Rumeli Fortress


  • Written & Text: Heiner Müller
  • Music composed and directed by: Heiner Goebbels

The text written by Heiner Müller, based on “Prometeus in Chains” by Aiskhylos, tackles themes such as domination, dependance and freedom and at once questions intellectual identity. “The liberation of Prometheus” composed and staged by Heiner Goebbels is remarkable as a theatrical concert. A powerful actor such as Ernst Stözner and his use of the language that makes it resemble a recital, the dazzling music performed by Heiner Goebbels’s piano and David Moss’s percussions and vocals further emphasise the dimentions of human violence in this uneasy work by Heiner Müller. The work composed as a radio play by Heiner Goebbels based on the text of Heiner Müller, has been expanded and staged in various countries under the sametitle in recent years on the request of the author. This is a true theatrical event not to be missed by those who wish to witness an unusual performance...