24.05.1996, 20.30
25.05.1996, 15.00
Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage


  • Written by: Lev Tolstoy
  • Adapted to stage by: Erwin Piscator, Alfred Newman, Guntram Prüfer
  • Directed by: Burçin Oraloğlu

When German director Erwin Piscator decided in the 1950’s to adapt Tolstoy’s masterpiece “War and Peace” from the 1860’s to stage, he knew that there was no way he could stage this nearly two thousand-page novel in its entirety. So he chose to isolate the esence of the work that expressed the horror of war in the most striking fashion from the complex structure of the novel. He decided to show this esence to the audience with the help of a narrator and scenes reflecting the most crucial events and their interrelationships performed by actors. The work is as important and fresh as ever in a world where wars stil reign with their incredible horror.