23,24.05.1997, 22.30, Cihangir Park


  • Written by: Sevim Burak
  • Concept and Direction: Naz Erayda/Bülent Erkmen

This play is based on the 1st and 2nd acts of the text “Everest My Lord - Novel in 3 Acts” by Sevim Burak, in the book “Everest My Lord - Here’s the Head, Here’s the Body, Here are the Wings” (1984) published by Adam Publications. In this play, which is a rereading of an author’s writings, the visual and conjectural relationships between those parts which constitute the play (script, film, sound, lighting), brought together in line with the fragmental structure of the text, are explored. The play will be performed in Beyoğlu’s Cihangir Park, and from two adjacent buildings which overlook it.