24.05.1997, 21.30
25.05.1997, 18.30
Taksim Stage


  • Written by: Haldun Taner
  • Adapted by: Ferhan Şensoy
  • Directed by: Derya Baykal

On the 10th anniversary of the death and immortalization of Haldun Taner, my master and “father”, who opened my eyes and gave me direction while I was not much more than a child, a discussion session was held. We asked the predominantly young audience to ask questions about him. Not many ventured to do so. We talked of our memories of him. Like a few carnations, one or two insignificant questions were offered to break the silence, yet the talk withered away. The audience left the hall with the thought of that Taner was a “gentleman of Istanbul”. It was apparent that this new generation did not know much else about him. Selim Ileri and I looked at each other and sighed. The idea of introducing this generation to such a master of subtle humour, while at the same time paying my dues of loyalty to him, became a nagging preoccupation of mine. How nice it is to have a master, how terrible not to!