20.05.1997, 21.30
21.05.1997, 18.30
Atatürk Cultural Centre, Studio Theatre


  • Written by: France Rame/Dario Fo
  • Directed by: Tijen Par

The day you go to see this play shouldn’t be just any odd day. Especially not, if you are a woman. Choose a day when you’ve had a fight with your mother or daughter, or preferably both. Your mother doesn’t necessarily have to be alive, either. It can be a day, for instance, when you confront a photograph of hers- come off the wall or in your imagination- and you recall that “She wouldn’t have a single word uttered in her presence about sexuality!” and you hold her responsible for all your unhappiness. It can be a day, too, when you’re in particular trouble with your husband or your lover and you’ve consumed a bottle of whiskey and two packs of cigarettes, preferably all three. Like the sort of day, the morning after which you’ll be hating all men (and all women!) and pledge to devote yourself only to your career an/or your little one. One of these days, when you go to this play... Don’t be bewildered. Don’t get startled or be sad. Even if deep inside you there’s an ache, just laugh out loud. Share your laughter with the “Fat Woman” and especially with that “Woman Alone”. Perhaps it’s you standing at the window opposite. Who knows?