29, 30.05.1997, 21.30, Kenter Theatre


  • Written by: Terence McNally
  • Directed by: Yıldız Kenter, Mehmet Birkiye

Legends are always made by people who pursue a passion. Extraordinary people... Like Atatürk, Muhsin Ertuğrul, Leyla Gencer and many others... One of these people, who started to become a legend the moment she set her foot on stage, Maria Callas, the opera singer from Greece, who has proved worth od such accolades as La Divina and Goddess. Maria Callas, with her unbelievable energy, her curiosity to learn, her devotion to work, her lovers, her incredible talents, her magnificent voice and her terrifying artistic ambitions. And... A man. A tragedy full of ups and downs and connecting fates. Funny, bitter, sad... A love letter Terence McNally wrote with passion for Maria Callas.