22, 23.05.1997, 21.30, Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage


  • Written by: William Shakespeare
  • Adapted and Directed by: Başar Sabuncu

“My Kingdom for a Horse!”, the last words of Richard III, is the title of this play, composed of nearly a hundred extracts from twelve Shakespearean plays and five sonnets rewritten as songs. The play is arranged within the framework of the themes of lust for power, life and death, and aims to create a fable about the barbarism of the 20th century. This brutality is the most recent manifestation of man’s boorishness, the savage core of which has remained untamed throughout the ages. The text is shaped by exploring the plays, and exposing both visible and hidden ties between the troupe of Shakespearean characters. The play seeks to purify the original texts of Shakespeare’s plays -supposedly very well known- of the embellished dust heaped upon them by the Romantic age, and to achieve a simple Shakespearean discourse. The conceptual approach which dictates the style of acting and the design, evolves directly from Shakespeare’s verse.