19.05.1997, 20.30, Atatürk Cultural Centre, Grand Hall


  • Written by: William Shakespeare
  • Choreography: Ismael Ivo, Johann Kresnik

Directed by Johann Kresnik Yapım Theater Weimar, Tanztheater Ismael Ivo, Tour Management: ECOTOPIA dance productions in Koproduktion mit STEPS’96 Internationales Tanzfestival Schweiz (Migros Kulturprozent)

Shakespeare’s tragedy “Othello”, written 400 years ago is recreated as dance theatre here by choreographer and dancer Ismael Ivo and director Johann Kresnik. But it is not only Shakespeare’s “Othello” that is performed on the stage. Situations and tableaux which seek to explore the historical roots of the blacks in Venice, are created. Ismael Ivo is not presenting a tragedy of jealousy, but portraying the erotic reality of a masculine society. In all-male cast of “Othello” Johann Kresnik builds a world, an arena which reflects the double meaning of harmony as well as the hypocrisy of the seducer. In this arena Othello is a stranger who apparently claims to be accepted by the public only to be rejected by them at the end. The choreography of Ismael Ivo, who takes great risks on stage, is described in theatrical circles as “the breathtaking performance of a wizard who knows no bounds.”