2,3.06.1997, 21.30, Atatürk Cultural Centre, Grand Hall


  • Written by: Nazım Hikmet
  • Directed by: Ergin Orbey

Nazım Hikmet’s “Kuvâyi Milliye” (Struggle of the Nation) which he started writing in 1939 in the Istanbul House of Detention, continued during the years 1940-41 in the prisons of Çankırı and Bursa, and finally completed, is part of his monumental work “Memleketimden İnsan Manzaraları” (Human Sights from My Country). First begun under the name “Kurtuluş Savaşı Destanı” (The Epic War of Independence) could only be published in 1968 under the name “Kuvâyi Milliye”. This thirty year delay is symbolic also of a history of repeated delays for our country. Ergin Orbey’s directional approach is simple, natural, stripped of all flourish and exaggeration, and appeals to the mind equally, or perhaps more so than to the eye and the heart. Orbey’s direction has come together with a very select cast from the State Theatres in “Kuvâyi Milliye”, in a happy marriage for our theatre and our poetry.