27.05.1997, 20.30
28.05.1997, 18.30
Taksim Stage


  • Written by: Paulo Coelho
  • Directed by: Mehmet Ulusoy

“The Alchemist”, the novel by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho -recently very popular in Turkey as in many other countries- takes flight on stage thanks to the combined genius of Mehmet Ulusoy, the “theatre wizard”, Kudsi Erguner, the music master and an actor of the caliber of Genco Erkal. The strivings of an Andalucian herdsman to overcome seas, storms and deserts, and hostility in oder to search for the treasure under the pyramids, or to create his own legend, turns into a universal adventure when combined with the words of a great philosopher, Mevlana. “The Alchemist” depicts a rewriting of his destiny, thereby making it come true. Imagination, fantasy, reality, tales, myths -both abstact and concrete- the laws of nature, the variable states of man and earth, and of course love, add spice to this adventure. This production, praised last year in France, is now in Istanbul. Moreover, in Turkish!