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Reader’s Theatre
Lasts app. 60’; no intermission.
Turkish with English surtitles.
Suitable for ages 13+.


  • Written by: Ceren Ercan
  • Directed by: Mark Levitas
  • Light Design: Kemal Yiğitcan
  • Sound Design: Ömer Sarıgedik
  • Assistants: İlker Ergin, Halit Can Ünal
  • Performers: Atakan Akarsu, İrem Sultan Cengiz, Musab Ekici, Sabahattin Yakut


Formerly staged outside Turkey, Ceren Ercan’s two short plays visit the festival to meet the audience in Turkey for the first time. Forest of Fled Sons, one of the two plays that were brought together in the axis of the common themes prevalent in the author’s work, was written as part of the “Macbeth over Europe” project in Germany in 2016. The play tracks down Fleance, who appears only once in Shakespeare’s text, by diving into the woods. As today’s shadow hits the forest, Shakespeare’s silent character begins to speak with the language of a dark tale. I’ve Stood Like That, Waiting, On the Bridge of No-Passers on the other hand, was written in 2010 for Sala Beckett Theatre in Barcelona. Bearing autobiographical elements, the play centres on a young artist stranded at the Barcelona Airport for three days due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland and questions the possibility of building a bridge between the past and the present where the deterritorialization becomes the root itself.