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Lasts app. 90’; no intermission.


  • Directed, Designed & Translated into Turkish by: Yücel Erten
  • Costume Design: Fatma Öztürk Dönmez
  • Music Design: Nesrin Kazankaya
  • Assistant Director & Light Design: Zeynep Özden
  • Stage Realisation: Pınar Demir
  • Light & Sound Control: Muhammet Saki
  • Production Assistants: Lara Orhon, Uğurtan Denizaltı
  • Performers: Aydın Sigalı, Alican Yılmaz, Melih Düzenli, Selin Sevdar, Nurşin Durmaz, Doruk Akçiçek, Gökçe Burcu Zümrüt, Nazmi Karaman, Vakur Pehlivan, Ege Gritcu


Two striking scripts by Büchner meet in Yücel Erten’s unique design; the play Leonce and Lena, a class and system critique in a fairy tale setting, and a declaration-like pamphlet titled Der hessische Landbote (The Hessian Courier). Printed in 1834, the distribution of the pamphlet was banned and Büchner had to flee from Germany due to pressure. The play, which also includes answers to the question “What would have happened if the pamphlets were distributed?”, invites the audience to become a traveller in a road story with its live music and approach edging on the borders of absurd.