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Lasts app. 105’; no intermission.
Russian with Turkish & English surtitles.

After the Play: Q&A with the creative team moderated by Roman Doljansky.


Collaboration with Golden Mask Russian Performing Arts Festival and Istanbul Theatre Festival
“Golden Mask in Istanbul” programme

  • Directed by: Maxim Didenko
  • Libretto: Konstantin Fyodorov, Maxim Didenko
  • Costume and Set Design: Maria Tregubova
  • Designer Assistant: Olga Kuznetsova
  • Lighting Designer: Ivan Vinogradov
  • Composer: Ivan Kushnir
  • Choreography: Vladimir Varnava
  • Choreography Assistant: Polina Mitryashina
  • Video Artist: Ilya Starilov
  • Performers: Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Marion Dixon, an American actress), Stanislav Belyaev (Ivan Petrovich Martynov, a Soviet actor), Sergey Epishev (Frantz von Kneishitz, entrepreneur), Andrey Fomin (Lyudvig Osipovich, director of a circus), Natalia Nozdrina (Raechka, daughter of the director of the circus), Gladstob Mahib (Jimmy, little African, son of Marion), Roman Shalyapin (Skameykin, inventor), Anton Eskin (Captain Yazychnikov), Danila Rassomakhin (Belka), Pavel Rassomakhin (Strelka), Alexey Miranov (Assistant to Frantz), Armen Poghosyan (Piano), Ilya Movchan (1st Violin), Ivan Muratidi (2nd Violin), Vartan Darakchan (Viola), Anton Bulkin (Cello)


A world in a fictional future... A world that contains melodrama and comedy at the same proportions, at the same level of intensity... You are invited to The Circus, a stunning musical by Theatre of Nations, one of Russia’s longestablished theatre companies. Directed by Maxim Didenko, one of the most recognised directors of the new generation of contemporary Russian theatre, the musical is based on The Circus, a 1936 cult film directed by the famous cinema director Grigory Alexandrov. Didenko describes the musical as “retro-futuristic”, as it takes place in a fictional future that was once only imagined in a distant past. Not only lyricism but also the frailty of the human body dominates The Circus where clown performance clashes with musical... This frailty is so powerful that, even though crushed under past experiences, it survives through attempts to be shaped by enormous utopian projects... Human emotions and dreams defying the stubborn destructiveness of the past... Maxim Didenko tackles the power of a dream in this musical and redefines it with its charm.