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Participants who write and publish texts with a critical point of view in the field of performing arts are invited to this workshop organized in collaboration with the Istanbul Theatre Festival and the Theatre Critics Association (Tiyatro Eleştirmenler Birliği - TEB). The focus of the workshop is on the process of a finished article, including the editorial revisions and preparation stages a critical review or an opinion article goes through before meeting the reader. Different examples will be studied from an editor's point of view and possible revisions for varying publishing mediums will be suggested.

The workshop will consist of three online sessions to be held on 11, 18 November and 2 December. Examples and explanations will be provided during the first two sessions that will last two hours each. The workshop will end with a four-hour session, in which participants will present editorial views of each other's work on the critical texts they had written about the plays they’ve watched at the festival. After the workshop, the texts written by the participants on the festival plays and revised through editorial work will be published online at Art Unlimited.

Moderators: Ayşe Draz, Özlem Hemiş, Nalan Özübek