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The online screenings will go live on the Passo Studio website on 22 October at 20.00 and run until 20 November at 00.00. You will have 48 hours to finish watching the screenings that you have tickets for. For security reasons, your access to the screening will be terminated 48 hours after you click the "play" button. Click for detailed information.

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This theme titled ‘There is a Woman Behind This!’ aims to highlight the plays and discussions produced by women in the İstanbul Theatre Festival programme and to make women's production more visible. All the plays and discussions in this theme are brought to the audience with the theme sponsorship of Odeabank.


  • Written by: Virginia Woolf
  • Dramaturgy: Nelin Dükkancı Yaman, Efsun Pırıl Yeneroğlu
  • Translated into Turkish, Adapted and Directed by: Jale Karabekir
  • Music: Murat Hasarı
  • Image Design: Gizem Kozanoğlu
  • Production Executive: Esra Yavuz
  • Voiceover of Virginia Woolf: Yeşim Koçak
  • Voiceover of Virginia Woolf’s Thoughts: Arzum Orhan, Pelin Oruç, Seda Elhan, Sera Armağan

A Room of One’s Own, which has become a classic as one of the seminal scripts of the women’s movement as well as the history of literature, meets the festival audience delivered by Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş, which has over twenty years of feminist theatre experience. Born from Virginia Woolf’s lectures in 1928 on ‘women and fiction’ at Girton and Newnham women’s constituent colleges, A Room of One’s Own turns into a ‘multi-voiced’ ear theatre production with Jale Karabekir’s translation and adaptation. The script, where Woolf traces female writers in a period from the 16th to the 20th century, presents its audience with instances of gender inequality, masculine violence and systematic disregard of women throughout history. This Woolf classic, which is a striking expression of how women locked between four walls are rendered invisible while they bear the ‘passion for creating fiction’ and how life and art had been submitted to a single-gender for centuries, takes on a new dimension with a speaker-actor and actors who voice her thoughts. Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş, aspiring to add a new voice to Woolf’s world of images and her journey between reality and fiction, adapt her work as an ear theatre that observes the author’s temporal and spatial leaps, multiple and variable perspectives, and inner monologue and stream of consciousness techniques.

With kind collaboration of PODACTO.