14.05.1994, 21.15
15.05.1994, 18.30


  • Written by: Raffaele Viviani
  • Directed by: Toni Servillo

“Zingari” was written in 1926 by Raffaele Viviani. Through the history of a group of gypsy nomads and their rites and superstitions, the author tells the stort of two rivals fighting for the love of a woman. An elementary representation of good and evil, one against the other. Toni Servillo, director of “Zingari” and one of the founders of Teatri Uniti-CRT values this play as one of Viviani’s best. “Zingari” aims at reflecting the real features of marginal lives. Servillo stresses the fact that gypsies should not be approached as an ethnic group. He says “gypsies and actors have common marginal aspects. They too, as also actors do, continously travel from one place to the other.” It will not be a mistake to say that these lives are grotesquely carried onto stage.