01-02-03-06-07.05.1994, 24.00, İçinden Dalga Geçen Tiyatro


  • Written by: Ferhan Şensoy
  • Directed by: Ferhan Şensoy

İn his book “Non Essays”, Ferhan Şensoy with hid brilliant style introduces Aristide Bruant as the father of Cabaret Theater: “... the first night only three people were there. On top of it all these sluggs kept on resisting on the first glass of drinks. Refused to order a second one. Aristide was furious. Three bocks, each cost 65 cents and all came to one franc 95 cents; in short, not a shit! And his debt for that night was thousand francs... Aristide began to scold and debase these tree men, he insulted them but they loved it, they enjoyed all the insults and while leaving the cabaret they said that they will be back... Urban people are not as complex as they are considered to be. A little insult, to tell to their faces they are stupid is enough to maket hem happy.” Yes, the Midnight Theatre “Hay Market” is awaiting to welcome you at Kuruçeşme.