Yunus Emre Cultural Center


  • Written by: Murathan Mungan
  • Directed by: Mustafa Avkıran

Once... in long winter nights... story tellers, bards and poets used to visit village cafes... while a chilling caotic storm prevailed outside... snow storms threatened all the village cafes they sipped their coffe and smoked the tabacco offered to them and brought into life the wonderful stories waiting at a hidden corner of their memories. They patched or they sew the necessary parts, they ornamented them with imagination... Thus they gave them life once again... It is not easy to tell of the men whose ashes are spread around by time. It is not easy to tell. (Murathan Mungan: “Raindeers Damnations”). “The Mezopotamian Trilogy” composed of the plays “Mahmud Yezida”, “Condolence” and “Raindeers- Damnations” by Murathan Mungan, will be performed in the frame of the Theatre Festival for the first time as a theatre marathon.