Taksim Stage


  • Directed by: Roberto Ciulli

Based on motives by Carlo Goldoni Striking examples of staging, enlivened by the Thater an der Ruhr created 12 years ago on the whole present an artistic attitute against conventional concepts in the theater. Starting in 1987, Theater an der Ruhr visited Turkey twice and introduced works which stressed new approaches in directing. All these plays had one aspect in common; the texts were handled with freedom. This year too Theater an der Ruhr is one of the guests of the festival. In “Teatro Comico” based on motives by Carlo Goldoni, Roberto Cuilli also touches on the subject of the rapidly accelerating racism in Germany during recent years. The play is based on the relationship between six actors of a theatre which was closed down long ago and a “rich Turk” who intends to pull down the theatre and move it to Izmir. Cuilli in this play claims that the respond to political questions/problems could only be given through theater itself.