08.05.1994, 21.15
09.05.1994, 18.30
Ses Theater


  • Written by: Ferhan Şensoy
  • Directed by: Ferhan Şensoy

“That Gogol Fool” (Ce Fou de Gogol) was written and directed by Ferhan Şensoy in Montreal in 1974. In the same year actress Monique Mercure got the “best actress award” with this play and Ferhan Şensoy was awarded as “the best foreign playwrite”. After twenty years he rewrote the play, this time in Turkish. Another name for the play is “The Gogol Trial”. In the play the famous Russian author Nicolai Gogol goes through a trial. He is judged by the characters he himself created. The main character steps out the “Diary of a Mad Man”. Was Gogol insane? Then, who is sane? Derya Baykal Şensoy plays all the characters and now and then, Gogol’s sarcastic voice is heard beyond his grave. The main character Mavra Mavroviç is encircled by her shadows, Mavra 2, Mavra 3 and by an papillon wearing Ukranian pianist, in St. Petersburg, on Nevski Street, in their hands are the diaries of a mad man.