17-18.05.1994, 21.15, Taksim Stage


  • Written by: Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Director: Roberto Ciulli, Müge Gürman

The Turkish State Theatres and then Theater a.d. Ruhr, after years of cooperation, have realised a co-production with the collaboraiton of eight actors from the State Theatres of various cities, director Müge Gürman and Roberto Cuilli. “The House of Bernarda Alba”, written by the great Spanish poet and playwright Lorca, examines the problems of women in a feudal community. In the course of their struggle their fight becomes embodied, through sexual liberation, in the love felt for a man. Bernarda Alba is the symbol of basic ethics and authority. In the Cuilli-Gürman interpretation, a new approach is attempted under the same theme with a different story. This time it is not the lives of Bernarda Alba and her daughters but those of a group of defeated legionaaires besieged in a fortress in Northern Africa.