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Lasts app. 65’; no intermission.
French with Turkish surtitles.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In accordance with the order issued by the French Consulate General, viewers are required to register their names and the names of their companions on the guest list at at least one week before the show. Audiences will be asked to show their tickets and a photo identification during the entrance of the event. Only viewers on the guest list will be granted admission to the venue. Audiences who have not completed the reservation process on the website will not be admitted even if they hold tickets, and their tickets will not be refunded.


  • Based on M. Riboulet and P. Boucheron’s book Prendre Dates (Éd. Verdier).
  • Directed by: Delphine Ciavaldini
  • Lighting Design: Jean-Luc Chanonat
  • Performers: Marc Citti, Serge Renko


Sometimes societies, like human beings, break, bend, divide and even shatter. Social events that influence each society at a different level, sometimes also enable a revival or rebirth from devastation. Riboulet and Boucheron’s book, Prendre Dates, focuses on these moments of social crisis, and the moments before and after. Director Delphine Ciavaldini based Taking Stock, a play in which history and theatre are in dialogue, on Prendre Dates, which was written to document the facts and to make a record in history. How does theatre keep a record of current events? What are the limits of theatre’s relationship with the real and the current? Taking Stock, where two disciplines -theatre and history- meet, is waiting for its audience to discuss these questions, look at them from different perspectives and discover new meanings.